When faced with my own mother-in-law's deteriorating health and need for more assistance, I made the decision to leave a long and successful career helping others to take care of my own family.  Caring for my mother-in-law is very rewarding, but I found that I missed being able to help others.  Since starting Hearts for Hire, LLC, I have found that my own heart grows with every client that I am able to assist.

Like my mother-in-law, most seniors want to remain in their own home, someplace that is comfortable and familiar. Not being able to drive, keep their home clean and safe, prepare meals and care for their beloved pet is emotionally draining.  My passion is providing the care and assistance that will allow you or your loved ones to stay in their own home.

There are many agencies who offer medical services, but there is a growing need for providers who can assist with the day to day non-medical needs of our older population. I understand how important it is to provide our aging loved ones the 'nurturing' assistance that allows them to continue to live comfortably in their own home, surrounded by familiar, cherished possessions and treasured memories.

Hearts  for Hire, LLC




one of life's greatest gifts!

  • Licensed and Insured
  • Level 2 Background Clearance
  • CPR Certified
  • Over 19 years with Hospice
  • References
​​​​​​Proudly Serving the Tampa Bay Area​
​​My Story  --  ​​​​In today's busy world of careers and demanding schedules, I understand that life can sometimes be stressful.  I can provide professional and dependable in-home care for your love one, and peace of mind to you.​​

​Hello, my name is Patti Emmons, and my heart belongs to the elderly.  I worked in health care, with Hospice for 19 years and have seen the growing need for caring and dependable in-home care.

My Qualifications

Hearts for Hire --  A caring, compassionate, quality senior companionship service for any loved one who may need some occasional assistance to maintain their independence.

Each day, more people officially become senior citizens, and there are many who will need additional care to maintain their independence. Many families are opting for more of an aging in place approach, rather than turning to places like nursing homes or assisted living facilities which can leave you financially drained.