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Hearts  for Hire, LLC

My Aunt Amy became very ill and was referred to hospice, but she always wanted to maintain her independence and live in her home.  It was difficult for our family as we all lived out of state and, even with frequent visits, we knew she would need assistance on a daily basis.  That's when Patti from Hearts for Hire came into her life.  Patti was hired to be her companion.  After watching them interact, I was certain Patti was the perfect choice to meet her needs. My aunt was a meticulous housekeeper, Patti made sure the house was clean and tidy.  My aunt used to tell us how lonely she was and now Patti is there to keep her company. Patti picked up where my aunt could no longer do for herself, like cook, do laundry, and drive her to the cemetery to visit her husband's grave. What a great relief to know my aunt was in the capable hands of Patti.  It is obvious that Patti has a calling to help care for seniors.  She is extremely passionate and sincere in her offerings and displays s tremendous amount of compassion in her caring for my aunt. When shopping for a caregiver, you read the terms such as caring, enthusiastic, heartfelt, dedicated and respectful.  That is Patti's entire make-up, her DNA. To know that my aunt was happy and well cared for by Patti was a huge relief for her family.  Hiring Patti was the best decision we could have made for our aunt.  I only hope that there is a Patti our there for me in my senior years.

Judy Ragsdale 

Our goal is to  help you keep your loved one at home with the help of caring hearts. We are pleased to share our success in providing a caring and compassionate senior companionship service.  The following are some of the positive things our clients have been saying about us.

Patti was able to spend time with our mom and help with things that freed up my brother from doing the everyday things a home needs.  She was a companion to talk to while she was preparing a meal for my moms dinner.  Patti also took mom for blood work so my brother did not have to take the day off work.  My mother really looked forward to their visits!  For us it was great to have someone coming in during the week to spend time with mom and make sure she was okay while her family worked.​ Hearts for Hire, LLC is the perfect service to help families!

Jeanette B.


I am writing this reference for Patti Emmons.  We hired Patti as a aide for my mother.   My mother had dementia and other illnesses that eventually took her from a wheelchair to being bed ridden.  We would not have been able to care for my mom at home if it had not been for Patti. Not only was Patti Emmons dependable, she was trustworthy, knowledgeable and compassionate but was one of the most caring people we had ever met.  She took on her duties up and beyond what was expected of her and treated my mom as if she were her own mother, with love and respect. I was able to always leave my other with Patti with all the confidence in the world that she would receive excellent, loving care.  Not only did Patti take on the care of my mother but she also met so many of the needs of my dad, who at times could be very difficult.  Although she was not hired to take care of him, she was always there with a helping hand to him. There were many times I would be in a bind and Patti would never hesitate to help me out, even if it meant working extra hours. Patti, not only a great source of strength to us during the time of caring for our parents, but she carried that love and compassion through my mom's passing. She not only was our health care aide but grew to be a  "valued member of our family."  We felt blessed and thankful we found her!

Gail Pounds